Kyoko Shakagori, Office Manager

2016, Office Manager of SW Consulting Group (Thailand)

2012, Joined SWLG


2007, St. John’s University, B.S. in Legal Studies with a minor in Sociology, Summa Cum Laude


Academic Merit Scholarship


Fluent in Japanese, Conversational in Swedish and Thai

Interesting Facts:

Kyoko loves outdoor activities. Her favorites include hiking, marine sports, and canoeing. During her travels, she enjoys partaking in local activities to add a special memory for her respective trips. She also loves cuisines with seasonal ingredients because they allow her to appreciate the changes that come with each succeeding season. In 2016, she crossed a major entry off her bucket list when she climbed and reached the summit of Mt. Fuji.


Kyoko is the office manager of the Koh Samui legal team. She has been instrumental in assisting individuals and corporations with various types of non-immigrant visas (B, E, H, I, J, L, P-3, O) and other types of immigration benefits such as labor certification process (PERM), employment-based, and marriage-base immigrant visas. Being able to help clients achieve their corporate visions or personal goals and dreams by successfully assisting them obtain visas is why Kyoko finds her current position at SWLG incredibly rewarding and is what continues to drive her in her career in immigration law.

Prior Experience:

Kyoko has been helping foreign nationals since 2007. Before joining SWLG, she was a counselor advocate and legal researcher for the non-profit New York Asian Women’s Center. In addition to gaining a solid background in immigration, Kyoko was able to help many domestic violence survivors secure immigration status in the U.S. and thereby ensure their safety and independence. From December 2014 to September 2016, Kyoko worked in Tokyo, Japan as a U.S. visa consultant of SWLG. In particular, she assisted over 30 Japanese corporations with E1/E2 company registration cases filed at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo and the U.S. Consulate in Osaka.

Interest in Immigration:

Kyoko is an immigrant herself, having previously held F-1 visa and H-1B status in the U.S. and recently having gone through the long process of obtaining her permanent residence in Thailand, where she currently holds a Thai work visa. While in college, Kyoko was an intern at the International Student Office, volunteering at various Human Rights organizations, which provided her with opportunities to personally meet immigrants who shared with her stories of their struggles in obtaining lawful status in the U.S. Many of those individuals had come to the U.S. to flee the turmoil and violence of their home countries. Through her academic and professional experience, Kyoko gained an understanding of how obtaining visas or lawful status can impact corporate strategies, as well as individual lives, which in turn impact greater society at large.

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