Genes Meesaeng-ngern, Paralegal

2016, Joined SW Consulting Group (Thailand)


2016, Kasetsart University, Bachelor of Law


Fluent in Thai

Interesting Facts:

Genes self-identifies as transgender and seeks to find a passion that would inspire her to live her life happily and fully. She is interested in Human Rights Law and Environmental Law, and she believes that her mastery of English as a second-language will open up doors for her to explore and discover her true potential. Genes also loves making terrariums, cooking, and playing MOBA games. She believes that the best way to find yourself is to: “Do what you want regardless of whether others think it is proper because you will never truly know the truth until you, yourself, start doing it.”


Genes assists in a wide variety of immigration-related cases.

Prior Experience:

Prior to joining the Koh Samui team, Genes handled various environmental impact, specifically petroleum cases, at a law firm in Bankgok. These involved factory licenses, land contracts, environmental impact assessment, and Thai labor law regarding work permit and labor contract issues.

Interest in Immigration:

Genes is interested in Human Rights Law because she believes that social inequality is a fundamental root cause of conflict. In fact, it was reading about civil war in modern-day countries such as Syria, Lybia, and Sudan that motivated Genes to pursue her law degree. She views immigration law as not only a pathway for people who want to work or live in a new civil society but also, perhaps, the critical means for those who seek freedom and an ability to live in security regardless of their respective beliefs.

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