Jamie Pilar, Paralegal

2016, Joined SWLG


2018, San Jose State University, B.A. in Communication Studies


California Scholarship Federation

Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society


Fluent in Tagalog

Interesting Facts:

Jamie has a profound passion for all forms of art such as cooking, baking, photography, dancing, and acting. As a child, for instance, she starred in various plays and musicals in the Philippines. After immigrating to the United States, Jamie continued to pursue her passion in dance as a cheerleader for her local high school. Jamie is also an avid calligrapher and amateur watercolor artist.


Jamie is an admin and legal assistant for the Silicon Valley office. She assists senior attorneys with a wide variety of immigration matters such as H-1Bs, O-1s, AOSs, and PERMs. Jamie feels a sense of pride and accomplishment whenever a petition is approved because she feels like she is an impact in the world by helping others.

Prior Experience:

Prior to joining SWLG, Jamie continued to follow her passions. She worked a gelato dessert shop, where she worked her way up from cashier to pastry sous-chef, with a belief that baking pastries was, in itself, a different form of art. And she worked as a storekeeper for a vintage arts and crafts store in historic Niles, where she would practice her calligraphy and create cards that she would put up for sale in the shop. Jamie eventually ventured towards becoming a bank teller and a real estate agent assistant until she found immigration law. Now, at SWLG, Jamie has not looked back since.

Interest in Immigration:

Jamie’s interest in immigration is tied to her life story. In hindsight, Jamie was fascinated to learn about the long journey that her family had to endure so that she could come to and, now, permanently reside in the U.S. After obtaining a job in California, her father had petitioned for her, her mother, and her three sisters to live with him in the U.S. Despite this, however, two of her sisters had to remain in the Philippines: one to complete her studies and another due to her visa expiring in 2009. Jamie has not seen her two sisters since. Today, Jamie is determined to bring her sisters to the U.S. so that her family can be whole again. Joining SWLG has allowed Jamie to broaden her knowledge of immigration law and, with it, to learn the stories of her clients that, although diverse, share common themes – patience and perseverance. At SLWG, Jamie feels inspired and motivated to be a part of a team that assists hardworking, talented individuals gain status so that they might achieve their respective dreams.

Contact Jamie:

Phone: (408) 329-9184 ext. 120

E-mail: pilar@swlgpc.com


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