Our Vision

Innovation, Integrity, Excellence 

Our focus on personalized immigration service is our distinguishing characteristic and strength. We pride ourselves on our meticulous legal work and continuous focus on compliance with and adherence to U.S. immigration regulations. Our combination of global vision and personalized service is, moreover, a unique asset that defines SW Law Group, P.C. and has been the underpinning of our success for visa applications and responses to USCIS requests for evidence over the last 24 years.

A History

In 1994, SW Law Group, P.C. was founded as Sindell Law Offices by David Sindell with a firm belief that a small, well-qualified team could perfect the balance of providing high quality professional services with focused, personal attention. Our firm still maintains that belief today: Innovation, Excellence, Integrity – our motto, which is manifest in the work and services we provide. We pride ourselves in providing the best service and advice that we can, each and every day.

Personalized Immigration Service

We deliver creative solutions to solve complex challenges. Our firm specializes in providing thoughtful and consistent attention to the needs of our clients, collaborating closely on all immigration matters presented and ensuring that we become familiar with the internal protocols of partnered clients, so that we may efficiently and effectively deliver results for their foreign national employees. We work closely with clients to establish a structure that will allowed for continued dialogue and open conversation, so that we may adjust quickly to tackle new challenges as necessary but still also provide consistently reliable and dependable service.  As part of our standard services, for instance, we provide regular calls with clients and schedule individual meetings with all foreign national employees who require them or have questions about their specific case.

Attention to Detail and Meticulous Work Product

With increased government scrutiny on compliance in immigration matters, attention to detail and meticulous work product are highly important. We thus pride ourselves in our ability to identify and address specific issues particular to any foreign national employee’s case to maximize the best value for our client and, ultimately, the best results for their foreign national employees. Our senior attorneys carefully review all immigration matters.